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 Member Application Format (Read Before Posting.)

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PostSubject: Member Application Format (Read Before Posting.)   Sun Dec 27, 2009 12:35 pm

Please apply for Membership in the following layout.

In order to become an Admin, you must be a Member, and
in order to become a Member, you must be a Mayor.
In order to become a Mayor, you must be a CP.

Note: This is the step between admin and mayor/cp.

All applications that are not in the proper layout will not be taken seriously.
If you've just applied, please wait atleast 5-7 days before applying again for any posistion.


1. Name (Your In-Game Name)
2. Steam Name (Name in friends list.)
3. Position (Member)
4. Steam ID (type status in console to get it Example: STEAM_0:1:1111111)
5. Time Played on Server? (How long you've been playing on the server.)
6. Why should you be an admin? (What makes you so special?)

This applies to every member, new and old.
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Member Application Format (Read Before Posting.)
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