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PostSubject: Painmod   Painmod I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 01, 2010 1:57 pm

This is the official development thread for our Gmod version of Pain mod. This is what we strive for...

Quote :
When shot in the arm, a player will drop their weapon (healed by a Tensor Bandage). When shot in the leg, a player will run slower (healed by a Splint). No matter where they are shot, their pain will go up (healed by Morphine or time) and they will bleed more (healed by a bandage). Raw damage (as in your health) can be healed using a Dermal Regenerator. A player's status can be checked using a Medical Triquarter. Any pain will cause the screen to flash red and between 20 and 50, the screen will shake.

Hawk552, the creater of DPRP, PxRP, and ApolloRP, is the soul individual who created Painmod. His website is

GMod 10 Version of Painmod

To install: Insert the lua file into garrysmod/lua. While in-game, type "lua_openscript painmod.lua".

Latest test version...

Painmod ?t=dll&id=102793
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