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 'The Other Side of the War' RP

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PostSubject: 'The Other Side of the War' RP   Mon Oct 18, 2010 7:09 pm

This is my idea for an DarkRP edit. It's DMer friendly (since its a war zone) but has PLENTY of unused RP elements. No one has every dared to explore the common question, "What would it be like to live as an afgahnistan citizen during the War on Terrorism?" Here is a compilation of useful information on this topic:

NEW CONTENT AS OF 11 DECEMBER 2010. (Signified by the *)

  • Citizen - You are disliked by terrorists, favored by US
  • Israel Citizen - You are hated by the terrorists, favored by US
  • Islamic Citizen - You are an average citizen, favored by Al-Qaeda
  • Mechanic - Repair and build vehicles
  • Flea Market Chef - UNLEASH THE FRESH FRUIT
  • Security Guard - Either US, Israel, or Islamic descent, average to all, guard people/flea markets
  • Propaganda Child - Spread the word of the infidels (Or Uncle Sam.)
  • Black Market Dealer - Deals all sorts of weapondry
  • Drug Dealer - Take a big guess
  • Al-Qaeda Insurgent - Basic fighter for terrorists
  • Al-Qaeda Cell Leader - Leader of the terrorist groups
  • Taliban Distributor - Delivers weapondry and drugs (Asprin) to terrorists
  • Taliban Surgeon - Focuses on fixing the injuries of terrorists
  • US Armory Attendant - Delivers weapondry to US soliders
  • US Army Solider - Basic fighter for US
  • US Commander - Leader of the US groups
  • US Field Medic - Focus on fixing the injuries of US soliders

As a side note: It would be considered Metagaming if you killed someone just because they had terrorist in their name. Terrorists dress like everyone else. US Soliders, however, dress up like soliders. So, terrorists have an edge. They can only be shot if they have a gun. In other words, terrorists can use spotters to find US Soliders at weak spots and not get shot because they aren't considered a terrorist. However, they can be captured and questioned and all that. You get the point, lots of RP elements.

Also, US Commanders will be 'list' only. This means that you must be on a special list to become one. For example, instead of making it possible to vote to become a mayor, you must have the right to become it without a vote. This will prevent some idiot getting hold of the MW2 Predator missile.

  • RPG - Single Shot, RPG model, No laser guide system
  • T Models from CSS - More terrorist feel
  • Dusty/Sandy maps - UH DUHHHHHH
  • MW2 Missile - Seems like a good idea if its US Commander only

Im my mind, this RP environment SUPPORTS DMing. I like it. I'm sure we'd get players pretty quickly because killing is fun. I know both sides should gets guns (AK's for terrorists, m16's for US soliders), but their 'special weapons' should be balanced. For example, RPG's should be pretty inexpensive, spread among lots of terrorists, and terrorist only. Then, US Soliders should have the MW2 Missile, and US Commander only.

Vehicular combat shouldn't even be discussed. I'd cry if I saw a tank shoot a building and it DIDN'T blow out a fucking wall. Cars are just too many extra models, cause lag, and would be difficult to coordinate.

The map should be large, filled with clustered buildings, and have US outposts all around. There should be plenty of underground/hidden sections for the insurgents. Ample amount of housing and flea market places should be supplied. Most of all, DUST.

  • Iraq - NO
  • gm_megadesertV2 - NO
  • rp_cscdesert - NO (This includes all edits of the map.)

I have yet to find anything that fits my needs. I'm contemplating decompiling a map from insurgency and fixing it up to make it RP-able. If we have any skilled mappers out there, go ahead and start working on an RP map for this. If we have any unskilled mappers out there, go ahead and decompile an insurgency map and make it RP-able. If we have any free hands out there, go ahead and look for desert RP maps. There is a job for everyone out there, and we are going to need all the help we can get to make this happen. So, lets get to work, men!

* Woot! New idea! We need a kill tracker. Anytime anyone kills anyone else, it is saved to a log. Also, we need a /declarebattle function. This way, we can keep track of sides agreeing to a war and fighting instead of just DMing retards.

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PostSubject: Re: 'The Other Side of the War' RP   Wed Oct 20, 2010 1:20 pm

When is this going down?
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PostSubject: Re: 'The Other Side of the War' RP   Wed Oct 20, 2010 4:22 pm

thepeople wrote:
When is this going down?

When it gains enough popularity and approval. Also, when we find a map. Broadband Bandit and I have been searching for a while and most sandy maps suck...
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PostSubject: Re: 'The Other Side of the War' RP   

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'The Other Side of the War' RP
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